Record Connection

So this past Friday, I took a friend to a record shop called The Record Connection.

He had a great time upstairs in the dollar room. We got there a little bit after 10am and didn’t leave until after 1pm that afternoon.

Check back after the cut for some pictures from the first time we went up, and the rest from this time.

The above pictures are from downstairs and Scott had a wonderful time digging through all these well cared for albums. These were all more than $1 records.

Upstairs in the kids book room, was this large collection of old Hardy Boys novels. I actually still own most of mine, but it was great to see all of them!

More books!!

Sci-Fi novels!!

Hey, what can I say, I was there for the books!

Here’s Scott digging around in the dollar records! I bet if he could, he would have taken one of each!

Looking over his shoulder while he looks for more records!!

So many dollar records, that there’s even some on the floor!


This clock was hanging on the wall in the dollar room. Doesn’t look like it works but its a nice decorative piece.

More kids books!

More books!

I found a couple books I didn’t know if I already owned or not, but for a buck each… NOT BAD!

Surprise! New from the 1970s, never opened! A steal at $5 bucks!

And for my best score there:

Yes, that’s right! The owner even had a small box of super old comics from the 1950s. This one pictured was probably the best of the bunch condition wise. Most of the others were in super poor condition and about half without covers.

Scott scored a ton of records he was looking to pick up. You can’t beat the prices. Scott had been watching some on Ebay, and found those same records at the Record Connection for $1.

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4 thoughts on “Record Connection

  1. Looks awesome! Would love to check it out sometime, I love old records and old books!

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