Steve Lavigne & Shellback Artworks!

Took a trip today with my speedy friend Kalvin, aka the Flash.

We went to three comic book stores today.

Last place we stopped was Casablanca Comics in Windham, which is what I consider my LCS even though they are actually not quite LOCAL for me.

The second place we stopped today was Jetpack Comics in Rochester. Nice as always. No where NEAR close to being local. Spent too much money, as usual.

And, the place most of you are reading this for is Shellback Artworks in Wells, ME.

Apparently I forgot to tell/remind Kalvin that Steve actually helped produce in some way or another, most of the Turtles comics that have come out since he was hired when issue #3 was being done (his first work on the comics was issue #5 (my first Turtles comic, FYI)).

Following are some (really bad) pictures I took today. Sorry for the blurryness.

The Turtle & the Flash?

Kalvin flexing with Raph & Leo wondering why he’s even there!

This is a signed copy of TMNT #5 2nd print. Turtles #5 was Steve’s first official work on published work. The first print #5 is also MY first issue of the Turtles. If not for this book, I wouldn’t be having a near complete Turtles collection right now.

I just love how this signature sketch came out on my 25th Anniversary book!

Prints & poster!
Just don’t ask me if I looked at what they cost, because I’ve bought them all, except the poster so far and I don’t recall!

Steve tossed this to me and said it was a promo piece for the Casey Jones/Raph mini series that Mirage started but Image finished.

The front sports this awesome logo from the book!

Kalvin (6 inches tall) putting his foot in his mouth… This is when they were chatting and he figures out that Steve is Steve, the guy with his name on some of the comics!! Don’t say I didn’t tell you man, you forgot!! Steve is having a grand old time, no?

Kalvin does his best “Alex Ross” pose! Leo stares in disbelief!

I bought the 1992 Portfolio and Steve sketch signed his print. So glad that I went in there today! I’ve been looking for this set!

This awesome Joker piece is in the front room near the spinner rack. Not quite sure who the artist is for it, but its looks really cool. I didn’t think to ask while I was there. Anyone know?


The following pictures were taken upstairs in the gallery.
I’m not really going to comment on them, unless I feel like something needs to be written.

This is one awesome cover!

Leonardo Blind Sight. I’m not sure which issue, although it is noted on the bottom of the page.

On the left, another Leo Blind Sight page.
On the right, I honestly have no idea.
Both are Lawson goodness!

Paleo Lawson work? Or just Dino doodles?

Now, if you want some art, please call Steve at the store directly. As much as I’d like to buy art, and then sell it to you… Nah.

If you want a much better viewing than my pictures can do, get there… Whatever it takes. Take the time, drive up to Maine or fly. I’ll be your tour guide even. I know some really nice pizza joints!

Thanks for looking!

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