Jetpack & Shellback visit



Apparently the photos I took today did not save. Man, the more tech we get, the more tech issues we have.


FB_IMG_13579236793404597 FB_IMG_13579236923163949 FB_IMG_13579237063087938 FB_IMG_13579236729343070 FB_IMG_1357923686333805 FB_IMG_1357923700141212

I was able to snag this photo from Jetpack Comics as it posted to Facebook but never saved to my phone. (edit)
I was able to find all the photos today on my phone. I’m not entirely sure what happened yesterday that I couldn’t view them or find them but here they are now! Check out that display!! (sorry a couple are blurry)

So I did travel down to Jetpack Comics today to pick up some variants they have recently released for the new Turtles mini series Secret of the Foot Clan #1. I picked up the two RI covers, the 3 Jetpack RE covers. (Plus I bought two copies of the DF covers and 3 copies of Hastings variant.)


At Shellback today, I had to take pictures of the Turtle accessories. I also picked up (and now, framed) a Jetpack Color Classics variant #5 that Steve was kind enough to sketch on the blank back cover surface.


Both of us love Mikey, and this was just PERFECT! Thank you Steve!!

While I was there, I also picked up one of each of the TMNT Archie books that Steve had. He even dug out a long box that I could go through to see if he had any other issues I was missing, and said he’d check to make sure he didn’t have any others.

I will take more pictures next time I guess.

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