Yesterday’s Buy

The following books are not for sale, at least, for now…


TMNT #5 Color Classics Jetpack Comics Variant, signed and sketched by Steve Lavigne. Check that classic Mikey leaping from the roof!!

Next up is a Bible GN from Kingstone Publishing. Haven’t read this form of the Bible yet, but each page has the Bible verse(s) at the bottom to show where/what its inspiration is from. No matter what walk of life you come from, I would recommend this. The art is really nice in it and so far appears to be really great telling.

A blank Aquaman 15, I think. Got this in the mail with the nearly full run of:


Spidermans Tangled Web. I say nearly because I picked up 3 of the issues from my LCS.


TMNT Color Classics #5, signed by Steve. Basically my first entry into the Turtles universe since being a kid and buying the 3 issue Archie mini-series.


A blank Secrets of the Foot Clan #1 from Jetpack Comics. This wasn’t cheap, but with Kevin Eastman coming to FCBD this year…. Can’t have enough blank covers. I predict that Jetpack is going to sell every single blank cover/variant cover of TMNT that they have…before we get to that day.


Being that Mikey is front and center here, I couldn’t not buy this cover!


Heres a good chunk of the TMNT Archie’s books. I may sell these or I may keep these. I haven’t decided. Maybe you can get them off me if the offer is right.


And my next Farscape tpb. I got introduced to the tv show well after it was off the air, but hooked I got. So I pick up one of these a month or so from my LCS.

I do have a couple more pictures, but my phone turned them 90°, so I will send them to myself and edit this post afterwards. Check back if you’re seeing this part. I’m going to line out the text once its updated.

2013-01-12_09-54-20_708 2013-01-12_09-55-53_612 2013-01-12_09-56-41_519

One other note while I have you. I will be viewing a seriously large and awesome collection soon, so save your pennies!! A collection that hasn’t seen daylight in more than 20 years and all from the 60s/70s and older!

Thanks for stopping by!

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