It Might Be… Johnny Raygun!

Wrote this once already… This time, hopefully it will save right.
I went to Jetpack today to get R2’s picture! And some Johnny Raygun comics!


Comic pictures after the break!

First up is the basic covers.


2013-03-09_21-25-11_992 2013-03-09_21-25-22_730 2013-03-09_21-25-51_20 2013-03-09_21-26-05_852 2013-03-09_21-26-23_18

Next up is the variants.


2013-03-09_21-27-52_815 2013-03-09_21-28-13_964 2013-03-09_21-28-24_443 2013-03-09_21-28-36_591 2013-03-09_21-28-49_748 2013-03-09_21-29-01_761 2013-03-09_21-29-32_381

You can find more Johnny Raygun and more: HERE!

Finally, some Turtles stuff. That awesome Nirvana cover, again.


Finally, a couple random shots and a picture of one of the available pieces of art hanging on the walls at Shellback artworks!


$1 Turtle toys at Shellback Artworks!


I just like this two pager from Rich. Nice full shot of the front of Johnny’s costume, a bit of the Jetpack even!!


blurry pic.
First Appearance of Johnny Raygun!


For sale $10 each!

These issues are both sold out and getting 2nd printings! Get your Eastman covers (these two copies, one each only) from me NOW!2013-03-09_21-30-04_641 2013-03-09_13-48-55_845

I also was given a very nice birthday present/gift from a friend by Rich Woodall himself, a Hal Jordan one of a kind artwork. Very nice. I just haven’t taken a picture of it yet and I don’t feel like getting up right at the moment. And, as its my birthday (in about 2 hours from writing this) I also dropped off one of those blank variant covers that DC has been doing (finally) of the Batman book for Steve Lavigne to do a nice Bats cover for me.

Pictures of everything else soon!

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