100 published posts ~ more Shellback Artworks!

Hello & welcome to my 100th post!!

Today, I took another ride south.

2013-03-23_20-05-58_386 2013-03-23_20-06-15_513

After a very quick visit with the awesome folks at Jetpack Comics, I turned tail and headed for Wells.

2013-03-23_12-23-01_990 2013-03-23_12-23-16_764 2013-03-23_12-36-49_895 2013-03-23_13-46-47_550 2013-03-23_13-46-59_932 2013-03-23_13-47-13_417 2013-03-23_13-47-46_876 2013-03-23_13-47-57_497 2013-03-23_13-48-05_306 2013-03-23_13-52-43_137 2013-03-23_13-55-11_904 2013-03-23_13-55-29_721 2013-03-23_13-57-13_310 2013-03-23_13-57-30_548 2013-03-23_14-01-05_515 2013-03-23_14-01-32_561 2013-03-23_14-02-02_192 2013-03-23_14-20-50_351 2013-03-23_14-20-57_171 2013-03-23_14-22-36_351 2013-03-23_14-22-48_194 2013-03-23_14-26-03_625 2013-03-23_14-27-46_409 2013-03-23_14-28-12_36 2013-03-23_14-54-12_901

All that cool stuff, one tiny little place in Wells Maine.

And one cool guy behind the counter.

I also picked up some extra copies of some books at Jetpack. They are for sale if you’re interested.



2013-03-23_20-13-59_224 2013-03-23_20-13-13_784 2013-03-23_20-12-53_869 2013-03-23_20-15-21_213

Picked up the Paleo trade at Shellback. I have two copies or theres a few left on the shelf.2013-03-23_20-18-25_258

Thats all folks.

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