Johnny Raygun

I’m doing my first ever cosplay… This year at FCBD in Rochester NH, you will see me walking around as Johnny Raygun!











So normally I’d not do anything but attend shows… And always say “next year I’ll make a costume and come to this…”.
Well this year came and went and now its been a few (6 at least) since I thought it’d be cool… And I’ve started my first costume… Sort of… In October…

I started with a simple Silver Morphsuit.

Here’s a picture of what I got.

Next step will be to add the black to the costume. Then making sure everything fits and nothing is hanging out.

Next I need to find a “raygun”.

And then its a matter of getting it all put on and seeing how it looks.

Ideally it will look something like the following image.
Please ignore the dates on the image, I’m just borrowing it.

Should be able to pull it off…. I think.

And my hair at this point in time, is PLENTY long enough.

Finally, a hair cut!!


4.22.13 This is what things look like now…

2013-04-16_18-12-19_762 2013-04-15_20-26-25_412 2013-04-15_20-25-58_862 2013-04-15_19-29-33_332 2013-04-15_20-26-12_655 2013-04-08_20-18-02_851 2013-04-15_19-29-23_539

Jetpack “vent”

2013-04-18_07-13-32_145 2013-04-18_07-13-23_752

Raygun #1

2013-04-21_21-08-49_313 2013-04-21_21-08-57_954

Raygun #2, backup

2013-04-21_20-59-32_247 2013-04-21_20-59-20_267 2013-04-22_18-10-31_54 2013-04-22_18-10-44_72 2013-04-22_18-21-01_509

top cones, primed!


Jetpack, primed, freshly so that its still damp!


The jetpack primed, waiting for full dry (overnight) before painting!

2013-04-23_18-19-40_468 2013-04-23_18-19-48_103 2013-04-25_20-53-01_102 2013-04-25_20-52-54_629 2013-04-25_18-50-07_840 2013-04-25_18-32-31_523Both rayguns getting another coating. Small one looks like crap, not sure how the larger one will turn out yet. Tomorrow will tell.

2013-04-23_18-25-07_396 2013-04-23_18-00-05_151 2013-04-23_17-59-54_592


Cones were sanded a bit after this picture (and I didn’t get another one taken) and I am going to repaint the surface area.2013-04-25_18-33-05_493

Still have to finish the bottom and the back side.2013-04-25_18-32-55_310 2013-04-25_18-32-41_194

Decided to skip the red… it didn’t work out.

Bottom view (so far).2013-04-25_20-53-08_315

Top view (so far).2013-04-25_20-52-20_451

That vent will be silver to jump out at ya.

2013-04-26_19-28-43_221 2013-04-26_19-29-18_952 2013-04-26_19-44-43_788 2013-04-26_19-44-54_300

2013-04-26_19-44-49_699 2013-04-26_19-59-04_201 2013-04-26_21-45-54_495 2013-04-26_21-47-27_591 2013-04-26_21-55-10_232 2013-04-26_21-47-58_566 2013-04-26_21-48-21_801 2013-04-26_21-46-59_625 2013-04-26_21-54-01_642 2013-04-26_21-54-20_775

2013-04-27_16-53-51_453 2013-04-27_13-11-03_689 2013-04-27_16-24-02_714 2013-04-27_16-24-13_201

Just need to add the straps now and paint the very bottom of the pack.

The hose for the straps. It wouldn’t hold the paint and the paint was just crappy anyways.
2013-04-28_18-11-57_647Added one side of it to the jetpack.2013-04-28_19-06-54_184 2013-04-28_19-07-31_421

Adding the strap to the flip side.

It is Finished!



Everything has been painted, should be dry any day now… Just have the straps left and final costume test. Boots should be in FRIDAY!

The costume is being worked on and you will have to either be at FCBD or wait til after for pictures!

Free Comic Book Day will be OVER at this time a week from now!!

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