Comics from FCBD!!

Below will be some comics I picked up, some comics I just had signed and some comics I have extra for sale!

a friends 2, 3, & 4

a friends 2, 3, & 4

a friends IDW vol 1 HC

a friends IDW vol 1 HC

Steve drew Batman!

Steve drew Batman!


Eastman was at Jetpack. Laird & Talbot were at Steve’s Shellback Artworks. I went to both. In ONE DAY!
Lawson was ill. Hope you get better quickly, sir!

Just need Lawson to sign now...

Just need Lawson to sign now…

Issue #30!!

Issue #30!!

2013-05-05_07-38-30_776 2013-05-05_07-40-20_282 2013-05-05_07-40-54_351 2013-05-05_07-41-12_932 2013-05-05_07-41-31_713 2013-05-05_07-48-17_177

Turtles items, signed (or last one, just a sketch on a Jetpack variant cover…)

Missed this gem? Best go find it now!

Missed this gem? Best go find it now!

2013-05-05_07-38-08_196 2013-05-05_07-42-17_374 2013-05-05_07-50-40_682 2013-05-05_07-51-09_962

2013-05-05_07-39-35_304 2013-05-05_07-51-28_393

Some awsome Jetpack variants & variant variants!


Eastman & Laird signed Mikey!

Okay, so none of these are for sale. See the post before this for those!!

It was a fun filled day and I can say only one thing really bothered me a bit but I didn’t let it ruin an otherwise excellent show!

(edit) I also bought a bunch of prints (mostly from Rich Woodall!) but I really have no place to stack those out and snap some photos. Maybe in a few days I can use the table top down stairs and snap some photos for you!

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