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site stats 2

I was just looking over the over-all stats for the page. Things have definitely improved since that first month.

I had a total of 3 page views. Of course I had just the intro post, no logo and pretty much zero content.

As time goes, some content comes and repeats and then some days I try stuff and it works, and then there’s the things that just aren’t consistent. I know that last part will help majorly and I’m working on it.

Below is a graph, from WP, showing the beginning up to now.

The best ever month was November of last year, with nearly 500 views. Then WP changed things up to give a dual count. As of the time in the image, 210 page views for this month! Works for me!


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TMNT 21 Ottawa Con Variant


So I’ve been watching for this book to come out on eBay (or any other source) and even sent a FB message to the Comic Con people. (They weren’t selling any…bummer.)

I just happened on eBay the other night and was looking for it. It was listed as Buy It Now.  So I did. It should arrive in a couple days. So far I haven’t seen any others listed for sale. I’d imagine anyone who attended the show and was given it, made out great for one, but also must be hanging onto them. Either they didn’t give many out or everyone but the guy I got mine from are keeping them. I know a few others that have this book on their want list. For now, its just lined out on mine until this actually arrives. I’d hate for it to get here from Canada and be torn in half or something.

Check back soon for arrival pictures.

Let me know if you’re looking for it too… Maybe I’ll sell you mine…. Just kidding. I’m keeping this. 😉

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