Coast City signing

So Coast City is the other comic shop in Portland… And they are having Rich Woodall up to visit to sign copies of his TMNT #22 Phantom Variant cover!

tmnt22woodall-blueThis is the cover! FREAKING AWESOME RIGHT?!?

Coast City’s Facebook Page

Rich Woodall is awesome!

wpid-2013-05-04_09-10-56_613.jpgHere he is posing at FREE COMIC BOOK DAY this year at Jetpack Comics event!

wpid-2013-05-04_14-18-32_17.jpgHere he is giving me, Johnny Raygun, bunny ears!

I’m guessing he will have plenty of comics to sign for everyone as well as some prints sorta like this one below.wpid-2013-05-11_12-03-25_834.jpg

The event is on June 2nd, in Portland Maine, at Coast City Comics from 1pm I believe until 6pm.

He will also be at Rubber Chicken Comics in Massachusetts the day before… You’ll have to look that one up if you’re so inclined.

Don’t forget to check out Artist Alley Comics online where you can see plenty of Rich’s current work as well as lots of other crazy great talent!!

And some other examples of his work are below, without my endless babbling:

wpid-2013-05-11_12-03-49_755.jpg wpid-2013-05-11_12-03-38_302.jpg 2013-05-05_07-51-09_962 jrh_cover-324x484_q85.jpg

Jetpack Comics variant!

Jetpack Comics variant!


A gift, just happened to be timed right to my birthday this year!

2013-03-23_17-05-54_449 johnny_raygun_savage_dragon_by_lawnz.jpg 2013-03-09_21-29-32_381 2013-03-09_21-29-01_761 2013-03-09_21-28-49_748 2013-03-09_21-28-36_591 2013-03-09_21-28-24_443 2013-03-09_21-28-13_964 2013-03-09_21-27-52_815 2013-03-09_21-26-23_18 2013-03-09_21-26-05_852 2013-03-09_21-25-51_20 2013-03-09_21-25-22_730 2013-03-09_21-25-11_992 2013-03-09_21-24-56_440 2013-03-09_21-19-30_471

Hulk & Cap

Hulk & Cap

wpid-2012-05-05_13-26-24_14.jpg wpid-2012-05-05_18-13-24_170.jpg

Rare, Hard to Find: ZOMBIEBOMB vol 6

Rare, Hard to Find: ZOMBIEBOMB vol 6

Sponge Bob for a Friend supergirl 100_5649 100_5648 GL_Flash

So, if you’re still reading…. Thanks.

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