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NFS Blank Variants

Who doesn’t love to get one of your favorite books in and find out they produced a blank variant cover for your favorite artist to draw on?!?
I know my LCS has me down for any blanks from DC, Marvel & IDW and doubly so for stuff I’m subscribing to.


I recently picked up this stash of Turtles/Ghostbusters #2 and a friend gave me the Doctor Who #1 Phantom blanks. I have two more TMNT/Ghostbusters coming to me. Plus, I snagged two blanks that were out today.
And, of course, I have all of these!


There are seven blanks here. Front piece is by the always awesome and talented Rich Woodall. (One book is already signed by him!) Three of the super rare green logo-less book, three copies of the “sketch” variant and one Phantom.


This stash of books is at least two or three books in each bag/stack with the exception of the Color Classics TMNT, which is Jetpack variants and a full run.

A few friends have offered to donate some artwork to some of these covers and I’m still looking to get some others done as well.

Thanks for looking. Have a happy new year!!

*Not For Sale*

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WANTLIST: TMNT #1 first print

Just because the last one didn’t work at all…


I sent up another goal… To buy a first printing TMNT #1, get it signed by Eastman & Laird and then have it graded and finally, auction that baby off! (wishful thinking, right?)

If you want to donate dollars, go here!

Cheap shot, I know.

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So today the folks went shopping down at the Outlets. They seem to think that’s fun walking around in the cold… I tagged along to hit two of my favorite comic shops, Jetpack Comics in Rochester, NH & Shellback Artworks in Wells, ME!!

I posted the preview photo already but thought I’d take five and post my picture of the Krang by Woodall & Lavigne!!


The drawing by Rich…


And the final product. Thanks again guys.

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NFS Krang


Rich Woodall & Stephen Lavigne!

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Stolen pictures

Its figures with the way everything else is going right now for me that a friend would also stumble across an eBay auction with my photographs being use as proof of sketch & signatures. If you see pictures stating to be from Shellback Artworks from May of this year “proving” legit autographs, be aware. My photos are from my cell phone and are usually snapped quickly and a bit blurry or catching someone in motion.
Two specific pictures of Eastman & Laird and Eastman, Lavigne & Lawson were swiped, cropped and then used on a bad forgery of a Laird sketch on eBay. The post has been removed but the seller has other fake looking items and claim their profit all goes to charity.

My personal Facebook page has a link to the removed item and its full public view…

I don’t know what else I was going to throw on here so I’m done. Have a great day.


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