Stolen pictures

Its figures with the way everything else is going right now for me that a friend would also stumble across an eBay auction with my photographs being use as proof of sketch & signatures. If you see pictures stating to be from Shellback Artworks from May of this year “proving” legit autographs, be aware. My photos are from my cell phone and are usually snapped quickly and a bit blurry or catching someone in motion.
Two specific pictures of Eastman & Laird and Eastman, Lavigne & Lawson were swiped, cropped and then used on a bad forgery of a Laird sketch on eBay. The post has been removed but the seller has other fake looking items and claim their profit all goes to charity.

My personal Facebook page has a link to the removed item and its full public view…

I don’t know what else I was going to throw on here so I’m done. Have a great day.


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