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Don’s Not Dead

Last month when TMNT #44 hit newsstands, hype exploded that Donatello (the purple wearing, smartest of the bunch) was going to die!!

Obviously to those in the comic book world, Donnie wouldn’t stay dead or really for sure maybe even ever have been dead. Close to death, sure. For a fictional character anyways.

I kept seeing people posting the books for sale for $100s of dollars… And people were buying. All my local sources sold out the morning the book hit. I had my copies of each boom, but no extras.

Every time someone posted in any and all groups that Don was dead, I came back with no, #donsnotdead and showed some reference pages that had been released of the FCBD (this weekend!!) issue showing, just that. #donsnotdead

So, with a few friends from the interwebs, we talked about doing some pictures of Donnie alive and well (so to speak) and take pictures of an action figure Don at various places!


I started by digging out a BUNCH of Donatello’s!! And wrote a haphazard sign… Then started a group on FB for #donsnotdead (look it up… Lol).

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