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Flash 75th Anniversary variants lot

I am selling off a set of the Flash 75th Anniversary variant covers!

Here is a stock image of the Batgirl cover.


The full list of books:

Superman/Wonder Woman #15
Grayson #6
Batgirl #38 (my favorite!)
Batman #38
Action Comics #38
Green Lantern #38
Catwoman #38

Justice League #38
Justice League Dark #38
Flash #138 (2nd best, if a better artist, maybe best of the best!)
Detective Comics #38
Justice League United #8
Batman & Robin #38
Harley Quinn #14
Supergirl #38
Aquaman #38
Batman/Superman #18
Teen Titans #6


Wonder Woman #38
Sinestro #9
Green Lantern Corps #38
Superman #38 (new powers! A Secret Revealed! Both covers!)


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The Rock Comic Expo & ME

As you may already have read, I will be setup at The Rock Comic Expo on May 10th, 2014!


I will have some Turtles books, some DC Treasury books, some DC Digest books, a selection of Batman related & Bat Family books, a small selection of Marvel & other publishers as well and finally a few other odds and ends. I have a partial collection of Conan & Conan Saga. There are autographed TMNT books. Sets of books and small runs of books. Also a handful of original NES Games.

Take a look around, shoot me a message and maybe I won’t have to bring all this with me!

Below is a gallery of images hosted here on this page, a few of the comics have been sold or are otherwise no longer available (Batman books & 1 Conan comic & TMNT RPG game books).

Thanks for looking!

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new this week!

This weeks new books after the break!

Continue reading

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New This Week, My Subfile

TMNT SECRET FOOT CLAN #2 (& variants)
(TMNT #18, next week maybe) {{two more weeks, actually}}
MARVEL UNIVERSE ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #10 (Hmm, I guess this is a back issue or something)

This is this weeks big haul to be.


I’m looking forward to all the Turtles books.

What about you?

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new pictures, current stock

Batman books, Azrael, Batgirl, Aquaman, Firestorm, some Justice League titles and a few random odd ball books that were in the same short box as the rest.

azrael (1) Continue reading

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