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I just posted some pictures but today a couple more books arrived.


TMNT 21 RE Diamond Retailer Summit variant. I snagged this buy-it-now on eBay with Free Shipping!

Next to it is Jim Lawson’s Kickstarter book Dragonfly! I haven’t read it yet but I contributed and found my name in the list and the seriously nice sketch of John on the inside front cover. Almost threw out the sticker that was included!  Can’t wait to read this and see more!

That’s all this time… I’m sure I will have more soon!
Looking to track down a TMNT 21 Ottawa variant cover. If you see one…

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Site Stats

Normally I don’t pay much attention to the site stats because they’re kind of a jumble, however some time in November or December, WP started keeping track of unique visitors rather than just page hits.

For December, there were 59 unique hits.
For January, there were 76 unique hits.

And currently, there are (before I started this anyways), 44 unique hits and we’re just over half way through the month. So I figure I’m on par to make about the same number of hits as last month, unless something cool happens and I figure out WHY people are coming by.

So, if you’re stopping in for the first time, what brought you here? If you’re a repeat friend or foe, what keeps you coming back?

Thanks in advance for your info and I do not share emails or send spam or any of the fun natured stuff.

Johnny Raygun helps the Red Sox!

Johnny Raygun helps the Red Sox!

I’m on a Johnny Raygun kick right now!

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KickStarter: Dragonfly: Jim Lawson

Recently came across a link for this awesome Kickstarter project for Jim Lawson’s Dragonfly!

Support his book here!

This 90 page graphic novel serves as the introduction to this new black and white comic series. Just who is Dragonfly?

Now, you know I’m a man of few words and lots of pictures, but they aren’t pictures I think I should snag and then repost, so just follow the link and check it out for yourself!

Just about $1500 to go to reach the goal and there’s plenty of time left!

Really, you should check it out and send him some cash. I did.

Edit: fully supported!! (A ways back…)

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