BC&TC prints

Prints I picked up when I had a table at Bangor Comic & Toy Con, that are not for sale!


Batman & company by Rich Woodall.


Darth Vader & the Infinity Gauntlet also by Woodall.


Supertopian by Ed Smith (& Rich Woodall)




Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Ben Bishop!

Thanks guys!!

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FCBD Prints

*Not For Sale*

This post is about the prints I purchased for Free Comic Book Day!

Jetpack Comics


Rich Woodall’s FCBD 2015 Turtles print! Continue reading

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FCBD Don’s Not Dead


So today is Free Comic Book Day!!

I went to Shellback Artworks for about 7:30 am! I was the SECOND person there. Kevin managed to get there moments before I did to score that first place in line!! (That’s him behind the sign…)


I’m too tired to really put a lot of info in this but suffice to say, everyone had a blast!!

Continue reading

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Don’s Not Dead

Last month when TMNT #44 hit newsstands, hype exploded that Donatello (the purple wearing, smartest of the bunch) was going to die!!

Obviously to those in the comic book world, Donnie wouldn’t stay dead or really for sure maybe even ever have been dead. Close to death, sure. For a fictional character anyways.

I kept seeing people posting the books for sale for $100s of dollars… And people were buying. All my local sources sold out the morning the book hit. I had my copies of each boom, but no extras.

Every time someone posted in any and all groups that Don was dead, I came back with no, #donsnotdead and showed some reference pages that had been released of the FCBD (this weekend!!) issue showing, just that. #donsnotdead

So, with a few friends from the interwebs, we talked about doing some pictures of Donnie alive and well (so to speak) and take pictures of an action figure Don at various places!


I started by digging out a BUNCH of Donatello’s!! And wrote a haphazard sign… Then started a group on FB for #donsnotdead (look it up… Lol).

Continue reading

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I have been looking for this all over!!


Snagged the cover photo from Mirages site!

I have Facebook messaged more comic shops than I can think of at the moment… Over 100… Well over 100… A few shops said they don’t have any Image Comics. A few had some, but not this one. I was able to pick up issues #21 & #22 for $3.25 each plus shipping. And two shops said they would get back to me today.

Also, one shop said he has a FULL RUN of the series and will not break it down to single issues. The price he wanted was fair, but I didn’t and don’t have that much spare change right now. [No, I won’t tell you who, because I’ve already forgotten!]

So, if you see this issue or have extras, I would like to buy it or trade for it.

Maybe something with Eastman & Lairds autograph would be up your alley?

Or I suppose I could sell all the copies I now have of #1-22 and then buy the full run from the guy… If anyone is interested. Of course, then you would be missing the last issue anyways…

Oh… And some places think they can still order this because they think I am talking about the IDW comics… HAHA

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Rumor of the Tumor


Normally I would resist asking people flat out for money, but here it is…

I’ve set up a GoFundMe account to help raise funds to cover what my insurance doesn’t cover and to hopefully get ahead of the curve for the removal costs.

If you cannot donate money, please just share the link around. Thanks.

***UPDATE: Surgery on 9.22.14!!***

A friend has offered to help with setting up a silent auction/dinner thing. If anyone would like to donate anything for the auction, please let me know and I will get a list together… Use the contact form on this page and I will forward the info to my buddy. Thanks!

 ***Update: No Surgery. Doctors talked me out of it based of lack of ability to get most of the tumor out of my head. I was told they would only be able to get approximately 60% out and the process could kill me. ***

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Mr Maczaps, Raygun Agent

Artist Ed Smith draws me as “Johnny Raygun” (created by Rich Woodall). I met Ed last month at Granite Con and after thinking about it (and selling a couple things) that I needed him to draw me in my cosplay. Click on my image (ha) to go visit Ed’s Facebook page. Click like and then ask him to draw you, too!!

mrmaczaps raygun agent-2Ed and Rich are currently working together on Artist Alley Comics The Life and Times of the Supertopian!

Please check them out!

Thanks again Ed for the art!! Can’t wait to get the actual piece home and in a frame!!

ed smith

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not comics

A very brief thing, this is not normal… But just in case…Mikey-tmnt-2012

Last week I had a ct-scan done and they found a spot on my skull. They doctor couldn’t tell me what it was but said not to worry. I’m not worrying.

They did an MRI/MRA yesterday and now want me to go back in for more testing.

Not good news when they say don’t worry and yet they have to do more to find out whats wrong. All this because I’ve been having some serious migraines that have recently begun getting worse and lasting longer!

mikey tmnt

All comics I have for sale are on sale: Make me an Offer. I must sell it all to pay the bills so far (cray cray bills).

If I drop off the radar for a while, now you know…

Things are okay but I’ll know more later.


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Coast City ComicCon 2011

I took pictures and attended this event, but apparently never posted anything about it or showed off the art done that day… Eek! Better late than never right?
So some pictures then:

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This just in: TMNT Adventures: The Year of the Turtle from Archie

This three issue mini series just arrived. Condition is a bit less than my standard picks but okay for what these are.




Check ’em out! Story was geared toward the younger reader being an Archie series release but was rather decent overall. A few short skips around to push the story to fit into three parts as it could have easily been five or six issues and a bit more fleshed out.
Eventually I’ll get better at these…


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TMNT 21 Ottawa ComicCon

It has arrived!!


Heard there has only been one other copy available so far on ebay.
Lucky for me I went on when I did. I just love this cover!

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TMNT 21 Ottawa Con Variant


So I’ve been watching for this book to come out on eBay (or any other source) and even sent a FB message to the Comic Con people. (They weren’t selling any…bummer.)

I just happened on eBay the other night and was looking for it. It was listed as Buy It Now.  So I did. It should arrive in a couple days. So far I haven’t seen any others listed for sale. I’d imagine anyone who attended the show and was given it, made out great for one, but also must be hanging onto them. Either they didn’t give many out or everyone but the guy I got mine from are keeping them. I know a few others that have this book on their want list. For now, its just lined out on mine until this actually arrives. I’d hate for it to get here from Canada and be torn in half or something.

Check back soon for arrival pictures.

Let me know if you’re looking for it too… Maybe I’ll sell you mine…. Just kidding. I’m keeping this. 😉

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Just in…

I just posted some pictures but today a couple more books arrived.


TMNT 21 RE Diamond Retailer Summit variant. I snagged this buy-it-now on eBay with Free Shipping!

Next to it is Jim Lawson’s Kickstarter book Dragonfly! I haven’t read it yet but I contributed and found my name in the list and the seriously nice sketch of John on the inside front cover. Almost threw out the sticker that was included!  Can’t wait to read this and see more!

That’s all this time… I’m sure I will have more soon!
Looking to track down a TMNT 21 Ottawa variant cover. If you see one…

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Prints & one new book

First up, an ebay win.


Wasn’t going to get this, but signed for the price,  why not?
Continue reading

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Comics from FCBD!!

Below will be some comics I picked up, some comics I just had signed and some comics I have extra for sale!

a friends 2, 3, & 4

a friends 2, 3, & 4

a friends IDW vol 1 HC

a friends IDW vol 1 HC

Steve drew Batman!

Steve drew Batman!

Continue reading

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Normally I wouldn’t buy something so pricey, however for the last year or so, I have been bidding on Mirage’s copies of TMNT v1 #2 first prints… So I figured if they are roughly an 8.0, why not put that high bid on a graded copy of TMNT #2?! Makes sense… And so, I won this… And I can break it open to have Kevin & Peter both sign it in about 8 or 9 days… Well, okay, so I’m not going to pop this open but I might have them just sign the case! haha

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FCBD 2013

As Free Comic Book Day approaches, a few of the comic shops I visit have posted info on their events.


May 4th, 2013

#1- Jetpack Comics will have Kevin Eastman, Rich Woodall & plenty of other fine creators attending!

#2- Shellback Artworks will have Peter Laird, Jim Lawson as well as one or two more people besides being owned & run by Steve Lavigne!

I have no idea what any other shops are doing at this time because its just not possible for me to be at any other places in one day! Be prepared for fun and a bit of waiting! BUT ITS FUN!

If you are going to either place, let me know. I will be at Jetpack most of the day but do plan on getting my jetpack in gear and getting to Shellback.

Dress up if you can, they love that stuff!


Directions from Jetpack Comics to Shellback Artworks. See you there!

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preview FCBD


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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Michelangelo The Third Kind issue 2 page 5 – Jim Lawson


Green Lantern by Rich Woodall!

Best Birthday Ever.

Hopefully in a few months or so, my third page of TMNT art is coming my way.

THESE ARE NOT FOR SALE, for less than 1 million dollars* anyways. 😉

(*not even then, fool)

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New arrivals

Today arrived a small stack of boxes.

Inside those boxes, were the results of a couple hard fought battles.

Below, you will see the spoils of war.


First up, a pair of Dynamic Forces, limited to 1000 copies TMNT: Secret History of the Foot Clan #1.


Next up is my 3rd copy of TMNT #18 RI (Nirvana variant).


TMNT #30. This book was limited to 1000 copies as well and only sold by Mirage online.
Look it up, I’ll wait. It is autographed on the inside front cover by Peter Laird in 2011.
This is my 2nd copy of this book as it was included along with…


TMNT #29


This book is one of the autographed, even more limited copies and is so completely not ever for sale.

And because I just love that I own the entire vol 4 run.


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