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FCBD 2013

As Free Comic Book Day approaches, a few of the comic shops I visit have posted info on their events.


May 4th, 2013

#1- Jetpack Comics will have Kevin Eastman, Rich Woodall & plenty of other fine creators attending!

#2- Shellback Artworks will have Peter Laird, Jim Lawson as well as one or two more people besides being owned & run by Steve Lavigne!

I have no idea what any other shops are doing at this time because its just not possible for me to be at any other places in one day! Be prepared for fun and a bit of waiting! BUT ITS FUN!

If you are going to either place, let me know. I will be at Jetpack most of the day but do plan on getting my jetpack in gear and getting to Shellback.

Dress up if you can, they love that stuff!


Directions from Jetpack Comics to Shellback Artworks. See you there!

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It Might Be… Johnny Raygun!

Wrote this once already… This time, hopefully it will save right.
I went to Jetpack today to get R2’s picture! And some Johnny Raygun comics!


Comic pictures after the break!

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Site Stats

Normally I don’t pay much attention to the site stats because they’re kind of a jumble, however some time in November or December, WP started keeping track of unique visitors rather than just page hits.

For December, there were 59 unique hits.
For January, there were 76 unique hits.

And currently, there are (before I started this anyways), 44 unique hits and we’re just over half way through the month. So I figure I’m on par to make about the same number of hits as last month, unless something cool happens and I figure out WHY people are coming by.

So, if you’re stopping in for the first time, what brought you here? If you’re a repeat friend or foe, what keeps you coming back?

Thanks in advance for your info and I do not share emails or send spam or any of the fun natured stuff.

Johnny Raygun helps the Red Sox!

Johnny Raygun helps the Red Sox!

I’m on a Johnny Raygun kick right now!

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Comics You Should be (finding &) Reading…

This is an oldie, but a goodie. And very under-read short series.

Johnny Raygun


Created by Rich & Matt as tribute to all the great books & creators before them, the series is fun & pure entertainment.

It has been a while since there was new JR material, however recently (a while ago now) Rich has released issue #1 digitally, in full color at!
Check out some other covers below, as well as all the new material being released through Artist Alley Comics!!

jr-larry-cover johnny-raygun_fcbd04

I think you can even still get these! I try to send out some as Freebies now & again, but I am currently out of extra copies!

Thanks for looking!

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