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Like I don’t ask enough as it is, I’ve posted/created another blog to spotlight my collection.

Mr Maczaps: The Collection

Please bookmark both and visit often. Working on a HUGE 2nd post right now, uploading about 500+ pictures of the more recent items I’ve picked up… Most of the pictures are a couple years old and then a skip to the last few months of items I’ve bought and you’ve probably already seen on this blog.

So this blog will now just be stuff I’m selling and looking for to get for others and MM:TC will be my personal collection.

I will be moving some of the pages, and maybe just reblog some of the more personal posts from here, to there.

Thanks again for viewing!


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site stats 2

I was just looking over the over-all stats for the page. Things have definitely improved since that first month.

I had a total of 3 page views. Of course I had just the intro post, no logo and pretty much zero content.

As time goes, some content comes and repeats and then some days I try stuff and it works, and then there’s the things that just aren’t consistent. I know that last part will help majorly and I’m working on it.

Below is a graph, from WP, showing the beginning up to now.

The best ever month was November of last year, with nearly 500 views. Then WP changed things up to give a dual count. As of the time in the image, 210 page views for this month! Works for me!


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Site Stats

Normally I don’t pay much attention to the site stats because they’re kind of a jumble, however some time in November or December, WP started keeping track of unique visitors rather than just page hits.

For December, there were 59 unique hits.
For January, there were 76 unique hits.

And currently, there are (before I started this anyways), 44 unique hits and we’re just over half way through the month. So I figure I’m on par to make about the same number of hits as last month, unless something cool happens and I figure out WHY people are coming by.

So, if you’re stopping in for the first time, what brought you here? If you’re a repeat friend or foe, what keeps you coming back?

Thanks in advance for your info and I do not share emails or send spam or any of the fun natured stuff.

Johnny Raygun helps the Red Sox!

Johnny Raygun helps the Red Sox!

I’m on a Johnny Raygun kick right now!

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Comics You Should be (finding &) Reading…

This is an oldie, but a goodie. And very under-read short series.

Johnny Raygun


Created by Rich & Matt as tribute to all the great books & creators before them, the series is fun & pure entertainment.

It has been a while since there was new JR material, however recently (a while ago now) Rich has released issue #1 digitally, in full color at!
Check out some other covers below, as well as all the new material being released through Artist Alley Comics!!

jr-larry-cover johnny-raygun_fcbd04

I think you can even still get these! I try to send out some as Freebies now & again, but I am currently out of extra copies!

Thanks for looking!

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Jetpack variants!

Jetpack Comics variants of IDWs TMNT Color Classics!!
#1-6 & Raph’s 1 shot.
$70 for the set.

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SALE! $1 Comics!

Now til the end of November, buy 30 (or more) $1 comics at 2 for a buck!

Feel free to negotiate as well if you buy more.

Buy some of the other books as well and we can make a deal there.

Join us on Facebook!

Turtles books.
Superman books.
Daredevil, Hulk, Green Lantern, Flash, Captain America.

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Mr Maczaps on Facebook

Find all the latest comics added on Facebook.

Just added today are some really nice Daredevil comics.
With Elektra in them…

Yeah, and they look like some of the newer IDW variants done by Hembeck…

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various comics!

Thought I would make a post that’s almost all pictures.

I’m not going to leave them all above the “Read More” either because that would take some time to load the “home page”.

Superman/Batman #1 (Batman)

Continue reading

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Conan the Barbarian!

To the person who bought the Conan comics from me forever ago…

I have tracked down some more Conan books. I haven’t picked them up just yet, and want you to contact me if you want them. I’m hoping you see this post, since I don’t recall who you are to try and reach you any other way.

They have a nice good run from issues in the high 80s thru 200 I believe it was. There’s 148 comics in the over size format, plus some other books in the standard comic size.

Check out the picture in my Facebook group.


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mini post!

I will meet with you somewhere in public and grade your comics with you, either for a small fee or for first dibs on anything that might pique my interest in your collection.

I have been reading and collecting for 20 years or so now.  I am mostly available on nights & weekends.

If you are in and/or around the Lewiston/Auburn area, just let me know where you’d like to meet and we can do that.
If you live in Maine, southern area from say the Wells, ME (even Rochester, NH) to Augusta, ME to Brunswick, ME areas, will travel for fuel comp & tolls.

If you live outside of Maine, well, email me photos of the books. Turn on the light over your table, take the books out of the bags and snap some front and back photos, put the titles and what not in the description/email and send ’em off.

I take paypal, food & comic bribes and that’s about it. Cash works well if we’re talking stacks of 20s. Thanks!


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Superman SOLD!

So yesterday, after a week of prep, I got together and mailed out my first “large” order of comics!

A Superman fan on the west coast was in need of a good chunk of Superman from right around 1996 or so to 2000 ish.

So I found a really large box and shipped out over 100 comics!!

Thanks man!

After the cut is a list of what was purchased. Also to note, no Man of Tomorrow issues and no One Million issues.

Continue reading

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FCBD 2012









So much fun!!!

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Facebook link

Mr Maczaps Comics on Facebook


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