The Rock Comic Expo May 10th


The Rock Comic Expo is coming up, May 10th 2014!

Visit and mingle with some amazing artists!

Buy some great swag!

See me there dressed up as Johnny Raygun and then go buy some Johnny Raygun comics from Rich Woodall.

Get more info: ROCK COMIC EXPO

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Johnny Raygun

I’m doing my first ever cosplay… This year at FCBD in Rochester NH, you will see me walking around as Johnny Raygun!

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something I drew a while ago.

This isn’t something I normally would post, but I’m lacking with other ideas at the moment. Enjoy some really loose doodles.

323720_10150780287116982_624581981_12557408_115842299_o2012-08-21_15-19-59_964 2012-08-24_14-46-20_522 330898_10150600162361982_1744769885_o 332367_10150756410731982_624581981_12490792_1776945708_o 333859_10150755531766982_624581981_12488776_1770149583_o 336234_10150756168191982_624581981_12490274_772176244_oThat is all.


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Shop “local” Saturday!

Today I took a friend, his brother and their friend to Shellback Artworks in Wells, Maine.

Below are some pictures of this.

We also went to a small antique place that had some comics, surprise surprise!

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Steve Lavigne & Shellback Artworks!

Took a trip today with my speedy friend Kalvin, aka the Flash.

We went to three comic book stores today.

Last place we stopped was Casablanca Comics in Windham, which is what I consider my LCS even though they are actually not quite LOCAL for me.

The second place we stopped today was Jetpack Comics in Rochester. Nice as always. No where NEAR close to being local. Spent too much money, as usual.

And, the place most of you are reading this for is Shellback Artworks in Wells, ME.

Apparently I forgot to tell/remind Kalvin that Steve actually helped produce in some way or another, most of the Turtles comics that have come out since he was hired when issue #3 was being done (his first work on the comics was issue #5 (my first Turtles comic, FYI)).

Following are some (really bad) pictures I took today. Sorry for the blurryness.

The Turtle & the Flash?

Kalvin flexing with Raph & Leo wondering why he’s even there!

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Jetpack variants!

Jetpack Comics variants of IDWs TMNT Color Classics!!
#1-6 & Raph’s 1 shot.
$70 for the set.

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SALE! $1 Comics!

Now til the end of November, buy 30 (or more) $1 comics at 2 for a buck!

Feel free to negotiate as well if you buy more.

Buy some of the other books as well and we can make a deal there.

Join us on Facebook!

Turtles books.
Superman books.
Daredevil, Hulk, Green Lantern, Flash, Captain America.

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No views!!

So the last couple days were dead here. After almost a month with page views every day, the last two days went by with none at all. No big deal. Keep on pushing. Got a sale pending. Going for another visit to Shellback Artworks & Jetpack Comics in a couple weeks. Hopefully work doesn’t get in the way again.

I don’t have any new books up for sale just yet, but hopefully some more sales will come in and then I’ll have some funds to expand a little more.

If anyone has a ‘wishlist’ they want to share. Comment below and include what you would pay for each book, where you are and condition. I will take the list with me.



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Went out to a couple Antique places today (and Thursday)… Bought nothing.

Did get a lead at one place today on two different collections that are really old (purportedly). The shop owner has some really old books and her sister apparently has a boat load of them in some old trunk. Cannot wait to check out both sets!

If either of them decide to sell, rest assured that they will be listed here and in the Facebook group. I will take plenty of pictures.

Working on a deal right now with a guy for about 23 some odd comics. Still have plenty for YOU to choose from starting at a buck each!! Have some trades and some oldies and some autographs! Come on in and check them out!

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I’m on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles kick right now.


Been picking up toys, video games and comics and even original art.

If you want any comics that I have for sale, make an offer. I need them gone. The time is now. The price is right on.


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mini post!

I will meet with you somewhere in public and grade your comics with you, either for a small fee or for first dibs on anything that might pique my interest in your collection.

I have been reading and collecting for 20 years or so now.  I am mostly available on nights & weekends.

If you are in and/or around the Lewiston/Auburn area, just let me know where you’d like to meet and we can do that.
If you live in Maine, southern area from say the Wells, ME (even Rochester, NH) to Augusta, ME to Brunswick, ME areas, will travel for fuel comp & tolls.

If you live outside of Maine, well, email me photos of the books. Turn on the light over your table, take the books out of the bags and snap some front and back photos, put the titles and what not in the description/email and send ’em off.

I take paypal, food & comic bribes and that’s about it. Cash works well if we’re talking stacks of 20s. Thanks!


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FCBD 2012









So much fun!!!

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